At Reata Pharmaceuticals, we develop small molecule therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action for the treatment of severe life-threatening diseases with no approved or effective therapy. Our focus is to apply our deep understanding of the cellular response to injury to develop innovative medicines that create a better tomorrow for patients with life-threatening diseases.

Our Nrf2 activators, bardoxolone methyl and omaveloxolone, take advantage of new insights into how genes involved in cellular metabolism and mitochondrial function play a primary role in switching the cellular inflammatory response on and off.1

We believe these compounds show promise as potential treatments across a range of diseases that have few or no treatment options.

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Beyond our current technologies, we actively pursue scientific discoveries to advance medicine. Our robust preclinical development program is focused on several therapeutic areas that lack treatment options. We value strategic opportunities that arise through partnerships with premier academic institutions and research companies.

At Reata, we understand the importance of listening to the voices of patients living with life-threatening diseases. Our partnerships with patient advocacy groups help us gain a deeper understanding of the diseases we explore. Their experience inspires us to leave no stone unturned in our quest to develop safe and effective therapies.

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