Corporate Governance Overview

Reata is committed to the exercise of good corporate governance. Our Board recognizes the importance of our sustainability initiatives and the need to provide effective oversight. Accordingly, our Board has designed robust internal processes to oversee our Company’s sustainability principles, strategies, and initiatives.

Reata’s Audit Committee oversees the Company’s ESG initiatives, inclusive of the Company’s environmental stewardship, and corporate social responsibility strategy. We believe that as a trusted leader in biopharmaceutical innovation, we have a tremendous opportunity and responsibility to set and abide by high standards. These high standards are embedded in Reata’s longstanding Code of Conduct.

Sustainability is integrated across our Company. It encompasses how we make decisions, manage our operations, recruit and support our people, and engage philanthropically within our communities. We believe that by prioritizing sustainability, we will drive value creation for our stakeholders over time.

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Committee Composition

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