RORγt Inhibitors

RTA 1701
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RTA 1701

RTA 1701, the lead product candidate from our proprietary series of retinoic acid receptor-related orphan nuclear receptor gamma t (RORγt) inhibitors, is in development for the potential treatment of a broad range of autoimmune, inflammatory, and fibrotic diseases.

RORγt is an isoform of RORγ that is selectively expressed in immune cells. This transcription factor plays a key role in the differentiation of a subset of CD4+ T helper cells known as Th17 cells. Th17 cells produce pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as IL-17A, and contribute to the pathology of several autoimmune diseases.

RTA 1701 is an orally bioavailable, RORγt-selective allosteric inhibitor that suppresses Th17 cell differentiation in vitro and demonstrates strong efficacy in rodent models of autoimmune disease. RTA 1701 also potently suppresses the production of IL-17A, a clinically important cytokine, in human immune cells and when dosed orally to non-human primates.

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